Anthony Symonds

Symonds Pearmain, Haute Militaire, Eden Eden, Berlin, 28 April 2017
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Symonds Pearmain, Haute Militaire, The Horse Hospital, London, 19 February 2017
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Symonds Pearmain, Retail Baroque, The Horse Hospital, London, 18 September 2016
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Anthony Symonds
Installation view, pattern piece 1 - Bolshevik drag, Cabinet II, London, 3 - 5 July, 2014

Text for the exhibition:

I used to hustle in New York, to make my money.  I was with a guy, he was playing with my titties until he touched me, down there. He felt it, he seen it and he like totally flipped out. He said 'you fucking faggot, you're a freak, you're a victim of aids and you're trying to give me aids, what are you crazy, you're a homo, I should kill you'.  You know, stuff like that. 
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Anthony Symonds
Installation view, Geodesic Disco Utility, Cabinet, London, 1 - 10 November 2012
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Anthony Symonds, Bolshevik Drag, 2013
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